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My name is Caleb M. Williams.



I have been around dogs all of my life, with my first real experience of dog training occurring when I was 12 with my first dog—a Springer Spaniel. Since then, I have owned and trained several dogs. I have been working as a trainer in Pace, Florida for several years. I have recently begun offering private and small group classes to meet the needs of dog owners in my local community, and continue to compete in obedience, agility, tracking and earthdog with my own dogs.


My training is based on my belief in the importance of the dog being a member of the family.  Basic obedience classes will help you obtain a well behaved dog that will be a joy, and welcome most anywhere.


I am a member of Mobile Kennel Club, The Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and The Gordon Setter Club of America. I have worked with multiple pure and mixed breed dogs in the past. I believe in the use of positive reinforcement as the primary training tool and negative reinforcement as needed. I am dedicated to building better relationships between dogs and their owners.